Spectre - 007

COMMISSION - Pinewood Studios

I received the call from the Props Department at Pinewood Studios in October last year, showing interest in the possibility of commissioning some large scale pots. I was told that the successful artist would create an installation for the next James Bond film "Spectre".

In response, I created a 3ft-fired sample based on their designs, and set off to the film studios the following week. My vessel, along with a 3D printed version, were put on display for the set designer to look at. To my delight, I was given the job – and was then told the news that the work had to be installed by January 14. That gave me four weeks to build, refine, dry and fire five big vessels, the tallest of which would be just under 5ft tall.

The forms were different to my usual style as the team wanted something bespoke, meaning I had to revert to throwing and coiling, techniques I have not used since college.

There was no room for mistakes and certainly no time to make any spares as back up. The pieces were gingerly placed in the kiln when they were still damp and were fired over three days. Nerves and excitement meant there was little sleep.

Delivery day came and my Dad and I set off with the carefully packaged pots. Upon arrival we were taken into a warehouse where they were building a huge glass and steel building, which was to be the main Bond girl’s pad in the film. We carried the pieces carefully up several flights of stairs and installed the work in what was the character’s office.

The pieces looked good in situ. We both came away feeling really satisfied – and a little choked that we had been involved in something so exciting. It has been a long wait between getting the commission and the film being released. Who knows what will come of it? Working for Bond was the scariest thing I have ever done, but I hope they come back for future pieces.

the finished vessels - installed on set


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