• Jet Black Blade Vessel,
    Slab Built, Stoneware, h 80cm

  • Large Scale Charcoal Grey Vessels,
    Slab Built, Stoneware, h 150cm (Stainless Steel Base Sold Seperatley)

  • Large Scale Charcoal Grey Vessels,
    Slab Built, Stoneware, h 150cm (Plinth sold seperatley)

  • Large Scale Ivory Wave Form,
    Slab Built, Stoneware, h 130cm (Plinth sold seperatley)

  • Large Scale Ceramic Seating

  • Large Scale Polished Brick Clay Seating

Large Scale

Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture

Creating sculptures in clay on a monumental scale is something I have always had a passion for, right back to my degree and MA work. The physicality of the making, and the challenges that arise, are what is most important. I am very lucky to have huge kilns which allow me to work up to a height of about 5ft tall. I also have strong connections with a local pipe works where I am currently working to 6ft and more. I use the same clay bodies as the smaller pieces, but tend to work much thicker and with reinforcements on the inside and the use of big drainage holes in the base. All of my pieces are fired to high Stoneware temperatures and sealants are also used to make them frost proof.

These huge forms are extremely heavy and robust, but for added security they can be bolted/fixed to a plinth. Oxidised and stainless steel bases work particularly well with my vessels and these can be ordered and created by local metal sculptor friends.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss purchasing an item or commissioning a piece.